About Our Event

OPTION OMEGA is one of the largest retail Option Traders Online Conferences ever conducted in India.

  • 12 Options Traders
  • 3 Special Themes.
  • 12 Days of Action
  • 12 Creative Strategies

About the Event

Option Omega is an exclusive annual event of the Traders Gurukul family always conducted in the month of August. The online conference comprises of 3 different themes spread across

  • Positional Trading Strategies
  • Intraday Trading Strategies
  • Expiry Day Trading Strategies


Options Adjustment and its Real time applications

Option trading provides flexibility and if trade goes against us, there comes adjustment with flexibility.We will talk about signifiance of adjustment in option trading focusing on:
1. Importance of adjustment in Option Trading
2. What are possible adjustments
3. We will see few examples
4. Best practices around adjustments

CUP Strategies : Option trading that never leaves evolution phase

Topic pointers
1.Top Down Approach to trade identification
2. Choosing initial trade
3. Evolving the strategy on market defined path
4. Determining Terminal payoff

Designing Option Strategy using Open Interest of Futures and Options

1) Understanding Long Built Up, LongUnwinding, Short Built Up, Short Covering
2) Understanding PriceRange using Option Chain
3) Designing Option Strategy based on OpenInterest

The delta Neutral / Karma Neutral slow & steady Turtle trading strategy

This is one of the most scalable options strategy.It's so simple, you don't have to know much of option Greeks. Your basic knowledge of options is good enough and the adjustments are equally simple

The Art of Shorting Straddle & Strangles during a high probable sideways market

I have a very different method of looking at the market via options charts, and many times these charts tell a story not visible on the chart of the underlying.Identifying whether the index is sideways or trending and how to spot good trades to short straddles and strangles positionally.Lets drive the complete process end to end

Intraday Index Scalping - Using setups for chasing Delta

In this creative session, Asit will help options traders to understand Option Greeks (mainly delta).He will explain how to use Delta for Intraday scalping in options. Also undersatnd how better capital allocation will help in profitable option buying journey

Options for Quants - Master the Intraday Options

Core Objective is to enable participant - To know key Support & Resistance Mark Based upon Quant Model ( Point Control ). To have greater clarity & right direction for taking trading Bets & investing calls purely based on options. the concepts are purely excel based and does not require any sophisticated softwares or GREEKS.

Open Interest deep dive analysis for Intraday trading

Learn to detect option build up during intraday and it’s bias.Decode those build up to find your intraday trades across all assets

How to successfully Scalp Nifty & Bank Nifty in Intraday

Scalping is a fast and quick battle in stock markets. Scalping using options must be quiker and faster too.Siva will take you through a roller coaster ride into the the world of options scalping in a structured process.

Expiry Day Options Trading with a pre defined risk

Options trading on expiry day by reading data, understanding build-up to expiry, knowing probability of profits and position sizing is to make consistent money over a period of time. Keeping losses small and profits more consistent is the key. So lets learn the art of playing expiry day options with pre defined risk

Easy and Powerful expiry day option strategy for intraday trading

Deep dive expiry day Market Analysis(Technical and Price Action), Detailed Backtesting Reports for Expiry Trades, Banknifty Options Strategy for Expiry Days.

Zero time value & hedged options strategy for every thursday

The time value on the expiry day will be least. There are many instances where the option and the under lying asset will be availble at discount thru an edge. this method helps traders to capture the option and the future togther witl least or ZERO time value and easy adjustments there after with least risk and high probable results.



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OPTION OMEGA is one of the largest retail option trader’s online conferences in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best Options traders in order to share deeper trading knowledge to the retail traders community. OPTION OMEGA is an exclusive annual event of the Traders Gurukul family.
The Option Omega Event price is 5000rs. Early bird fees, for first 200 members, after a 50% discount is Rs.2500/-
All paid participants will get Goto webinar joining link by Email.
You will get to listen to 12 awesome speakers talking about options trading sitting at the comfort of your home. We will also provide access to recordings post the event.
Recording will be available within 7- 10 days after completion of the event
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